USB LCD Controller

USB LCD Controller


USB LCD Controller


If you like PC modding this is cool project for you.this is an USB interface for alphanumeric LCD display like 4×20 which can be controlled with LCDSmartie program.USB interface is implemented by using PIC18F2550 microcontroller. Using USB LCD module you can view many types of information taken from PC like temperatures, time/date, MP3 song titles, view emails, RSS feeds all that LCDSmartie or other program supports.

USB LCD Controller

This is a guide for making an LCD that connects to your computer using USB, primarily intended to be external. You can see mine here. To make the board smaller, it doesn’t have the GPOs.

This thread should also be used for suggestions on how to improve the circuit, add new features, and fix bugs in the firmware.

Component list:

R1; R8; R9; R10: 10k

R2; R7: 4k7

C1; C2: 22pF

C3; C5: 100nF

C4: 220nF

C6: 100uF

Q1; Q6: BC184L

RV2: 4k7 preset

LCD1: HD44780/KS0066U compatible

X1: 4MHz


J2: ALPS 11mm rotary encoder

BUZ1: miniature buzzer

U1: PIC18F2550 DIP28

Note that I’ve used a transistor for the buzzer, so you can connect something else there instead… mod on!

The connection to the rotary encoder works like this: (diagram)

Pin 2 on encoder goes to pin 1 on J2

Pin 3 on encoder goes to pin 2 on J2

Pin 5 on encoder goes to pin 3 on J2

Pins 1 and 4 on encoder go to pin 4 on J2


Installing in Windows

XP/2000: Download this to your desktop and tell Windows to use that as a driver when it asks.

Vista 64-bit: see scorpia’s post

I think Vista 32-bit works with the XP/2000 method, I’m not sure though.

This is the required programmer config (assuming 4MHz crystal). The USB voltage regulator is critical, as the PIC won’t even try to start up without it.

Supported commands:

Position: 254 71 [col] [row]

Home: 254 72

Underline on: 254 74

Underline off: 254 75

Blink on: 254 83

Blink off: 254 84

Define custom: 254 78 [c] [8Bytes]

Clear display: 254 88

Backlight on: 254 66 [mins] (mins is just discarded)

Backlight off: 254 70

Backlight brightness: 254 152 [value]

GPO off: 254 86 [1-4]

GPO on: 254 87 [1-4]

Set GPO PWM: 254 102 [1-4] [0-100] (works as a percentage)

Buzzer off: 254 86 5

Buzzer on: 254 87 5

Computer software

This will work with LCDSmarite, if you set it to a Matrix Orbital serial LCD.

USB LCD Controller

USB LCD Controller

USB LCD Controller

USB LCD Controller

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