TV Signal Amplifier by BFR90, BFR91, BFW92

This is a small, broad band, TV signal amplifier which covers the frequencies from 40 to 900 MHz. These frequencies include TV in VHF and UHF and also the radio broadcasting frequencies in the 88 – 108 MHz FM band.
It is connected between the antenna and the input of your receiver and boosts the signals by up to 20 dB, thus making it possible to receive even the weakest signals.

Technical Specifications -Characteristics

Frequency response: 40 – 900 MHz
Gain: . 20 dB
Maximum output level: 90 uV
Input – output impedance: 75 ohm


R1 = 120 Ohm (brown, red, brown)
R2 = 1,5 KOhm (brown, green, red)
R3 = 270 Ohm (red, violet, brown)
R4 = 82 KOhm (gray, red, orange)
C1,C5 = 100pF (ceramic)
C2,C3 = 1nF (ceramic)
C4 = 2,2pF (ceramic)
D1,D2 = 1N4148 diode
Transistor = BFR90, BFR91, BFW92
Misc = PCB, 6pins, solder, 9V battery clip
L1,2: diameter : 5mm
wire thickness : 0,5mm
turns : 8

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