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Simple Wideband SWR Meter

Tester Circuits | By: Diagram mania

This is a circuit of Wideband SWR Meter. This circuit is used as a test instrument. To use this circuit, connect the meter, take the necessary readings, then disconnect. The meter should not be left in the line permanently because it draws up 3/4 of the transmitted power, and a similar part of a received […]

SWR Meter For QRP (1 WATT) Level

Tester Circuits | By: Diagram mania

This circuit diagram shows us about simple SWR which is built using readily available parts. Take a note that to ensure accurate power reading, no attempt has been made . If we want a circuit that would fit in a small enclosure, and give an indication of minimum SWR, this circuit does the trick. The […]

Simple SWR Meter Bridge

Tester Circuits | By: Diagram mania

Standing wave ratio(SWR) is a ratio of amplitude of partial standing wave at maximum to amplitude at minimum. Using a Simple Swr Bridge circuit, a SWR can be measured. This circuit give a balanced VSWR meter perfectly, so adjustment is not required. This circuit can be made from a coupler which¬† formed by a 6.5-inch […]