Mini FM Transmitter

This is an mini fm transmitter. I think this is the simplest one. Simple, easy and of course…cheap… The supply voltage is between 1.1 – 3 Volts with power consumption is 1.8 mA at 1.5 Volts. This circuit should be Continue reading

AM Transmitter

This is AM transmitter schematic diagram. The circuit is in two halfs, an audio amplifier and an RF oscillator. The oscillator is built around Q1 and associated components. The tank circuit L1 and VC1 is tunable from about 500kHz to Continue reading

9V FM Radio Transmitter

Here the simple and low cost FM transmitter circuit. The frequency range of this FM transmitter should be about 89MHz – 109MHz. Output power is about 9mW at 9V. R1,R6_____________________12K R2,R4_____________________100K R3________________________22K R5________________________1K R7________________________100R Q1________________________BC338 Q2________________________BC548B Microphone JinIn ECM-60P B1 Continue reading

1.5 Watt FM Transmitter

This is 1.5 Watt FM Transmitter circuit. This circuit should be able to cover 1-2 KM range. Components List R1=220K R2=4.7K R3,R4=10K R5=100ohm C1,C2=4.7uF Electrolytic C3,C4=1nF C5=2-15pF C6=3.3pF Q1=BC547C Q2=2N2219A P1=25K MIC=Electret Condenser Type P1 act as condenser microphone volume Continue reading