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AT9933 Datasheet, the Automotive Hysteretic Boost-Buck LED Driver IC

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This AT9933 is a PWM controller IC, designed to control an LED lamp driver using a low-noise boost-buck. It produces a low-frequency PWM dimming input that can accept an external control signal with a duty cycle of 0 – 100% and a high dimming ratio, according to the datasheet. Therefore, the AT9933 LED driver IC […]

Design of Temperature-Controlled PWM Boost Converter Circuit

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Temperature controlled pulse-width-modulator (PWM) boost converter circuit diagram is shown in the following figure. The boost converter may provide temperature-controlled operation of 12V fan from +5V supply. The circuit system shown that it was designed for an enclosure containing circuitry with power dissipation that varied from 5W to 30W. As seen in the diagram, it […]

Temperature Controlled PWM Boost Converter from +5V Supply Circuit Diagram

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The following circuit diagrams the temperature controlled pulse-width modulator (PWM) boost converter which allows operation of a 12V brushless DC fan from a +5V supply. This is a single chip BiCMOS Pulse Width Modulator controller which includes voltage reference, error amplifier, comparator, MOSFET gate drive, and oscillator within its circuitry. For detailed explanation about The […]

NCP1034 DC to DC Buck Converter Circuit Diagram and Datasheet

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NCP1034 known to be high voltage, high power and high efficiency buck converter. A voltage mode PWM controller for a high synchronous buck. According to the datasheet, this buck converter features low output voltage ripple, ceramic capacitors, over current protection, and under voltage protection. The schematic diagram shows NCP1034 demo board which is designed with […]

PWM Rectifier – power controller

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PWM Rectifier – power controller designed for low-voltage sources. Full-wave rectifier is made on the thyristors Th1, Th2, and power in the load from 0 to 40 W resistor regulate Rvar.                         Part list : Transformer : 2x 15 V Rvar : 100 K R1 […]

Simulating Circuit Model to Develop and Design New Step Down Piezo Transformer

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The important thing needed in the piezo transformer is the energy conversion and the step down voltage waveform to achieve an optimal resonant frequency. Herein we provide an article consist of information about simulating circuit model to develop and design a new step down piezo transformer. This article will describe you with the prototype of […]