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Pulse Generator Oscillator 32.768KHz by watch crystal

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My Friend need to like a Pulse Generator Oscillator circuit that stable frequency at 32.768KHz,for digital cmos binary counter, so he tell to me even low prices. I think may be used the watch crystal and 4069 inverter cmos IC. They are very cheap and we can look at the general electronic shop. In the […]

UC3845 Sync Pulse Generator Circuit Diagram

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The series of UC 3842, 3843, 3844 and 3845 Oscillators can be used to generate sync pulses which no need to have a lot of external components. As seen in the following circuit, it shows Sync Pulse Generator Circuit Diagram of the UC3842/3/4/5. This sync pulse circuitry is useable to several hundred kilohertz with a […]