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Programmable Photovoltaic Transimpedance Circuit

Tester Circuits | By: Diagram mania

Photovoltaic transducers has been widely used in medical, consumer, scientific instrumentation, and industrial applications. Photovoltaic sensors is a solid-state devices and available for wide range of wavelength response, cover from infrared, visible, and ultraviolet spectrum. This characteristic make this type of transducer applicable in diverse jobs such as colorimetry, chemical spectral analysis, non-contact thermometry, non-invasive […]

Photovoltaic (Solar Cell) Current To Voltage Converter

Converter and Inverter circuits | By: Diagram mania

The simplest I to V converter is the humble resistor. However, presenting a nonzero impedance to the source of input current is the disadvantage of the humble resistor. If the device providing the input current has very little compliance or does not produce a constant current as the output voltages changes, this can be fatal. […]