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Battery Monitoring By LM324

Battery and Charger Diagram | By: Diagram mania

It has been stated in other pages on this website that it is a very good idea to have two separate batteries, one for the drive (weapons and wheels), and one for the radio control receiver and other electronics (see Speed controllers and EMC sections). It is very useful to know the state of charge […]

Easy Test power battery by BC547

Battery and Charger Diagram | By: Diagram mania

A friends at use the battery often meet a problem electric its energy is finished in important always may many good if there is the circuit warns before or there is the way checks at the beginning. By this circuit use the transistor just one and don’t have to have power supply source. By this […]

Battery 1.5V or 3V Monitor using LM3909

Battery and Charger Diagram | By: Diagram mania

We come to add LED Flasher for Monitor the electric current of battery 1.5V and 3V. By use the integrated circuit LED Flasher or Oscillator. By the rate something flasher equal to 2V. This circuit eats electric a little current poor age the work of battery long can’t be like be usable. If friends use […]

Battery Low Voltage Detector using IC 8211

Battery and Charger Diagram | By: Diagram mania

This circuit can use with power supply since 5 volt until 25 Volt. When voltage of power supply or battery agree come to lower location level keeps. It make LED bright show know. Although the circuit this use how many is the equipment not, but there is the stability and accurate in good moderately work. […]

In Circuit Transistor Checker

Digital Circuit | By: Diagram mania

This simple circuit has helped me out on many occasions. It is able to check transistors, in the circuit, down to 40 ohms across the collector-base or base-emitter junctions. It can also check the output power transistors on amplifier circuits. Circuit operation is as follows. The 555 timer ( IC1 ) is set up as […]

Digital Step-Km Counter with IC 4026,4024

Digital Circuit | By: Diagram mania

Max. range: 9,950 meters with two digits Slip it in pants’ pocket for walking and jogging Parts: R1,R3____22K 1/4W Resistor R2________2M2 1/4W Resistor R4________1M 1/4W Resistor R5,R7,R8__4K7 1/4W Resistor R6_______47R 1/4W Resistor R9________1K 1/4W Resistor C1_______47nF 63V Polyester Capacitor C2______100nF 63V Polyester Capacitor C3_______10nF 63V Polyester Capacitor C4_______10µF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor D1_______Common-cathode 7-segment LED mini-display […]

Digital Volt and Ampere meter by CA3161E + CA3162E

Measurement Circuits | By: Diagram mania

Voltmeter: Short circuit in the input, pins 10 and 11 [IC1] and we regulate the RV1, until we take clue in the Display, zero in all the digits. We rectify and connect in the input a external voltage roughly 900mV. With the RV2, we regulate so that we take the clue 900mV in the Display. […]

single digit voltmeter by IC 4028 LM311

Measurement Circuits | By: Diagram mania

First bear it in mind that it is a single digit voltmeter which is 0-9 counts only on the positive side, that is it can measure +0 to +9V DC +/- 1V error. That may not be practical for the cost of the components above. It may be used as a toy logic probe. The […]

Prescaler with Counter by IC digital 4511,74190

Digital Circuit | By: Diagram mania

Digital frequency counter is being used for wide range of applications. Digital frequency counter extensively uses digital circuits and hence fairly good knowledge of digital circuits and of digital integrated circuits is required to understand the operation of the frequency counter. However a person who is not familiar with any electronics circuits and experiments has […]

LED Oscilloscope by LM3914,4017

Lighting Circuits Diagram | By: Diagram mania

George Katz of Balgowlah Boys high in Sydney presented a solid state oscilloscope. He says “probably the best advantage is its very small size and the fact that it can run off the power supply of the circuit being tested. Although it has a low frequency range, it can still be used for most circuits. […]