Simple Short-Circuit Detection

Simple Short-Circuit Detection Circuit Description This circuit is suitable in every situation where over-current protection is required. Here we give an example from the model train world. Every seasoned model train enthusiast knows that there is nothing worse than having Continue reading

Digital Remote Thermometer

Digital Remote Thermometer Circuit Description This circuit is intended for precision centigrade temperature measurement, with a transmitter section converting to frequency the sensor’s output voltage, which is proportional to the measured temperature. The output frequency bursts are conveyed into the Continue reading

Pulse-Generator & Signal-Tracer

Pulse-Generator & Signal-Tracer Dual-purpose test-instrument Very simple circuitry, 1.5V Battery-operated Circuit diagram Parts: R1 1M 1/4W Resistor R2,R4 2K7 1/4W Resistors R3 150K 1/4W Resistor C1 2n2 630V Ceramic or Polyester Capacitor (See Notes) C2,C3 4n7 63V Ceramic or Polyester Continue reading