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MEMS Accelerometer and Gyroscope to Improve Car GPS Navigation System Performance

Automotive Wiring | By: Diagram mania

When it comes to very weak GPS signal that you’ve got, the position accuracy derived from GPS receiver might be  lower  than required. You will need to use an external sensors such accelerometers, gyroscopes, odometers, and etc to have anavailability and reliability of weak GPS signal. The following article describe you with the using of […]

The ADXRS300 Datasheet and Application Circuit Diagram

Datasheet Diagram | By: Diagram mania

Below is the example of ADXRS300 Application Circuit Diagram where both AVCC and PDD have a separate decoupling capacitor. This device is known as “gyroscope” or a complete (low cost) angular rate sensor that integrated with all of the required electronics. According to the ADXRS300 datasheet, to minimize the noise injected by the charge pump […]