Digital Clock with MM5314N

Digital Clock with MM5314N Circuit Description The digital clock of circuit, has as base one IC, the MM5314N, in which are contained all the circuits that need. The IC1 collaborates with six Display of common anode, that are not critically Continue reading

Frequency Divider

Frequency Divider Circuit Description This is a classic divider of frequency via two. It is achieved with a classic circuit T-flipFlop, round IC1 [ 4011 ]. In the circuit, the frequency of network, after are limit the negative half-s period Continue reading

Safety Guard

Safety Guard Circuit Description Protect your home appliances from voltage spikes with this simple time delay circuit. Whenever power to the appliances is switched on or resumes after mains failure, the oscillator starts oscillating and D5 blinks. This continues for Continue reading

Wide Range Timer

Wide Range Timer Circuit Description A wide rage auto turn OFF timer covering 1 minute to 20 hours in three ranges with S1. As soon as power is applied to the circuit the IC1 [555] starts to oscillate happily and Continue reading

Relay Timer switch

Relay Timer switch Circuit Description In Fig.1 see a 100 second delayed turn ON relay RL1 switch, if plug power +12V in circuit. In Fig.2 see a two range 6-60 second and 1-10 minute auto turn off relay timer circuit, Continue reading