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200mA 12V Op Current Gain Stage (Current Booster) Circuit Design

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An output booster is needed when you want to achieve the needed current/voltage gain. Great output commonly need in accociation with the the output power limitation of mostly IC processing. The following figure shows you circuit diagram of the typical current gain stage if you want to design a booster stages which achieve power gain […]

Increase output current of the op-amp IC LM324 in 85mA size

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The op amp output current can generally be in the range of 20 to 40mA.However, the LM324 IC number includes op amp 4 and 3 per parallel.Therefore the output currents up to 85mA, it also has significant short-circuit protection too. The properties of frequency response time from 0 Hz to 200 KHz, the R1 and […]

Practical Circuit Design Technique in Boosting Current Limit of CLDs by Using Transistor Current Gain

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If you find that such an impractical way by just adding the Current Limiting Diodes (CLD) to obtain high current level, the following article may help you regarding the informations within. This article will describe you with a simplified description of practical circuit design technique in boosting current limit by using transistor current gain. What […]