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Buck-Boost Voltage Converter

Converter and Inverter circuits | By: Diagram mania

Sometimes it is desired to power a circuit from a battery where the required supply voltage lies within the discharge curve of the battery. If the battery is new, the circuit receives a higher voltage than required, whereas if the battery is towards the end of its life, the voltage will not be high enough. […]

National LM5118 Basic Buck-Boost Regulator Circuit for Automotive Power Management Solution

Power Supply circuits | By: Diagram mania

A step-down regulator followed by a step-up regulator usually called a buck-boost regulator. The figure show you with the National LM5118 basic buck-boost operation circuit for the automotive power management solution. According to the LM5118 datasheet, Q1 and Q2 are active when it is in the buck-boost mode for the same time interval of each […]

Positive to Negative Converter Circuitry Using the LT3845 Step Down Converter

Converter and Inverter circuits | By: Diagram mania

If you need to design a negative voltage source supplied from a positive voltage rail, you may read the following information provide which discussed the simplicity combination of a step down converter and the regulation range of a buck-boost topology. And an LT3845 high voltage synchronous step-down converters, may be a good consideration to implement […]