Tube Power amp Dynaco ST-70

Tube Power amp Dynaco ST-70 Circuit diagram Parts list R1= 220Kohms R2-22-23= 100Kohms R3= 1.2Kohms R4= 47 ohms R5= 1Kohms R6= 47Kohms R7= 33Kohms 2W R8= 1Mohms R9-10= 2.2Kohms R11-12= 27Kohms R13-14= 120Kohms R15-16= 1Kohms R17-18= 15 ohms 2W R19-20= Continue reading

Speach Amplifier

Speach Amplifier Circuit Description This circuit is intended to be placed in the same box containing the loudspeaker, forming a compact microphone amplifier primarily intended for speech reinforcement. A device of this kind is particularly suited to teachers, lecturers, tourists’ Continue reading