Simple Metronome using transistor

This circuit be Simple Metronome circuit model to be simple. It use the transistor be important equipment by very the circuit is the character Astable Multi vibrator. For produce something the sound beep. By can fine VR1 for get sound tone Generator follow can want. A loudspeaker that use to is supposed to impedance 8 – 32 ohm railing land. For decrease the popularity will down and may lead , output , go to feed reach still the amplifier microphone has changed , capacitors 10 uF. The detail is other , see in the circuit.

Simple signal generator circuit by 2N3906

This circuit is a simple signal.It can generate signals, both light and sound Alternating.Which can be applied to work. For example Taillight of bicycle or Turn left and the right of the bicycle. Etc.
When entering into power supply circuit. by circuit will have Q1 and Q2 to be astable multi vibrator. This will work in any way ON and OFF.Or vice versa on all the time.And Pin Collection (C) of the two transistors.Connected to the light source device (LED1-LED4).For the audio source device is Buzzer BZ1.While the one ON transistor will allow the device is connected to pin C is running.The signal alternates between light and sound all the time.
Simple signal generator circuit by 2N3906

Small Metronome using 2N3904 or “Simple Tone Oscillator Generator by 2N2222”

“Simple Tone Oscillator Generator by 2N2222”
This is knock the melody. It uses begin flasher circuit in building sound click keen go up at a loudspeaker. But each time at Q2 (2N3906-2N2907) work by origin frequency circuit that use RC and Q1(2N3904-2N2222) ,R2 – 50K use fine work rate repeatedly through 20-280 sections time per minute. By value change of C1 (22uF) will change the tone of voice in the sound click at happens.
Small Metronome using 2N3904

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