Remote Operated Home Appliances Circuit

Suitable for operating, Lamps, Fan, Radio etc.., Small n easy unit

Here is the circuit diagram of Remote Operated Home Appliances or
Remote controlled Home appliances. Connect this circuit to any of your
home appliances (lamp, fan, radio, etc) to make the appliance turn
on/off from a TV, VCD, VCR, Air Conditioner or DVD
remote control. The circuit can be activated from up to 10 meters. It
is very easy to build and can be assembled on a veroboard or a
general-purpose PCB.

Circuit diagram:

Remote Control For Home Appliances

Remote Control For Home Appliances


  • R1 = 220K
  • R2 = 330R
  • R3 = 1K
  • R4 = 330R
  • R5 = 47R
  • C1 = 100uF-16V
  • C2 = 100nF-63V
  • C3 = 470uF-16V
  • D1 = 1N4007
  • D2 = Red LED
  • D3 = Green LED
  • Q1 = BC558
  • Q2 = BC548
  • IR = TSOP1738
  • IC1 = CD4017
  • RL1 = Relay 5V DC

Circuit Operation:
The 38kHz infrared rays generated by the remote control are received by
IR receiver module TSOP1738 of the circuit. Pin 1 of TSOP1738 is
connected to ground, pin 2 is connected to the power supply through R5
and the output is taken from pin 3. The output signal is amplified by
Q1. The amplified signal is fed to clock pin 14 of decade counter IC
CD4017 (IC1). Pin 8 of IC1 is grounded, pin 16 is connected to vcc and
pin 3 is connected to D2 (Red LED), which glows to indicate that the appliance is ‘off.’

The output of IC1 is taken from its pin 2. D3 connected to pin 2 is
used to indicate the ‘on’ state of the appliance. Q2 connected to pin 2
of IC1 drives relay RL1. D1 acts as a freewheeling diode. The appliance
to be controlled is connected between the pole of the relay and neutral
terminal of mains. It gets connected to live terminal of AC mains via
normally opened (N/O) contact when the relay energizes. If you want to
operate a DC 12 volt relay then use a regulated DC 12 volt power supply
for DC 12 volt Relay and remember that the circuit voltage not be
exceeded more than DC 5 volts.

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