In-Situ Battery Test Probe

This item describes a simple probe that allows in-situ AA and AAA
battery voltage and current drain measurements without removing the
cells from the holder. In use, the probe is simply pushed between the
positive end of one cell and either the negative end of the adjacent
cell or the battery holder terminal. The probe leads are then plugged
into a multimeter set to a voltage range and the device switched on so
that the no-load voltage can be read. Switching the multimeter to a
current range allows the device to power up so that the current drain
can be read. Warning: be sure your meter has a fuse in its current
metering circuit, in case the device being tested has an internal short.
The prototype probe was made by gluing strips of brass shim (using
plastic adhesive) to both sides of a strip of tough, flexible plastic.

Author: Robin Stokes
Copyright: Silicon Chip Electronics

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