Home Wiring Guide Book

home wiring guide 252x300 Home Wiring Guide Book
Do you need a guide about Home Electrical Wiring guide for your house. Then this book is perfect for you. This book contains step by step home wiring guide, what you need for home wiring and the example of home wiring.

Table Of Contents:

  1. How the home electrical system works
  2. How to turn off main power supply
  3. The three ways to get power to your new wiring job
  4. How the ground wire works in plastic boxes
  5. All about electric wire
  6. How to use wirenuts and screw terminals
  7. How to install wiring in new walls and petitions
  8. The most common measurements for outlets and switches
  9. All about the ground wire
  10. How to wire electric dryers and ranges
  11. Watts used by various electrical items
  12. How to fmd the cause of a short circuit
  13. How to fix flourescent lights
  14. How to wire boxes, fixtures and switches
  15. Color coding of wires, and screw terminals
  16. Electrical symbols also all about switches
  17. How to add new outlets to existing ones
  18. All about outlets
  19. All about 3 way switches
  20. All about single pole switches
  21. All about 4 way switches
  22. How to wire outlet and light with pull chain
  23. How to wire outlet – switch and light
  24. Electrical terms

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