Hacks and Mods: LED Light Box

For beginners, it is
their first project that gives them a boost. And in order to get that,
it is always necessary to make sure that the project that you select is
really useful. One such project is the RGB light fader. This is quite simple and can be done easily by a beginner. Read on to know more about this.

About 20 LEDs are required here. Start by wiring all the LEDs and connecting it to a breadboard. This is quite a tedious process and takes quite a lot of time.

The next step is to make the power board. Quite a lot has to be done to drive all the LEDs using a single PWM channel. So to compensate for this, a multiplexer IC is used. A few voltage conversions may be required in such a case.

As mentioned earlier, a single PWM is used
to control three different channels. The MSP430 is used to switch
between the different channels. This gives the impression that there are
three individual channels. There may be some issues with the flicker,
but this may not be a show stopper problem.

The source code for running the circuit is quite complicated . About
12 different modes are present here and switching between the various
modes is done using a single push button.

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