Electrical Wiring Diagram For 1960-1964 Studebaker Small Truck

Here is the electrical wiring diagram for the 1960-1964 Studebaker Small Trucks. The Studebaker small trucks are the one after the 4E Series ½ and ¾ Ton. This schematic is actually quite clear, you can zoom it to view it more clearly. Some components shown inside this wiring schematic are as following: foot dimmer switch, generator, battery, distributor, voltage regulator, starter motor, heat indicator cylinder unit, headlamp, parking & directional lamp, horn, oil pressure switch, ignition coil, windshield wiper motor, high beam indicator, windshield wiper switch, ignition switch, etc. (Click image to enlarge)

 electrical wiring diagram for 1960 1964 studebaker small truck e1343743457259 Electrical Wiring Diagram For 1960 1964 Studebaker Small Truck

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