Electrical Wiring Diagram For 1960-1964 Studebaker Large Truck

Herein we will see the electrical wiring diagram for the 1960-1964 Studebaker Large Trucks. This wiring schematic is intended after the 4E Series 1, 1½, and 2 Tons Trucks. Like any other wiring schematic, inside we will also see many components and their connections. Here are some of the components inside: stop lamp switch, foot dimmer switch, battery, stop & dome light fuse, gas gauge tank unit, right hand tail lamp, horn button, dual horns, map lamp switch, starting solenoid, tank ignition, gas gauge, horn relay, voltage regulator, generator, distributor, ignition switch, instrument lamps, map lamp, heat indicator cylinder unit, parking lamp, headlamp, etc. See also some wiring connection description inside that explains about fuse, ground connection, resistance, etc. (Click image to enlarge)

 electrical wiring diagram for 1960 1964 studebaker large truck e1343745679100 Electrical Wiring Diagram For 1960 1964 Studebaker Large Truck

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