Diode Zener Tester

Diode Zener Tester

Circuit Diagram

Diode Zener Tester Circuit

Many times we have found itself in the necessity to use a Zener diode
and cannot to know the voltage of operation. Many times we cannot read
the characteristics or the type that is written on her. In this case,
but in different we can also use the circuit of Fig.1. The T1, D1 and C1
they constitute a system of half-wave rectification. If push the
switch S2 a DC current passes in from current limiter Q1 and the diode
Zener DZ which we check. Q1 stabilizes the current in the price of 10mA
independent from the zener voltage that we have connected in the
connector J1. In the connector J2 we connect a digital voltmeter.
There we see the voltage in the zener DZ. The circuit is reliable for
measurements down to 25Volts. You have clue of low voltage 0.8Volts
likely the diode DZ, is connected reverse. Change the polarity of diode


Diode Zener Tester parts 1
Diode Zener Tester parts 2
Diode Zener Tester parts 3

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