Cigar Lighter Wiring Diagram For 1960-1964 Studebaker Large Trucks

Here is the cigar lighter wiring diagram for the 1960-1964 Studebaker Large Trucks. The large Trucks from Studebaker was the ones with the weigh of 1, 1½, and 2 tons Trucks. This schematic will be focusing on the cigar lighter wiring system. Here are the components inside that system: cigar lighter retainer, coil, ignition switch, fuse, cigar lighter light, and headlight switch. be sure to study this accessories wiring diagram before you do your own wiring work. (Click image to enlarge)

 cigar lighter wiring diagram for 1960 1964 studebaker large trucks Cigar Lighter Wiring Diagram For 1960 1964 Studebaker Large Trucks

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