Wireless FM Transmitter Circuit

The wireless fm transmitter circuit described here has an extra RF power amplifier stage, after the oscillator stage, to raise the power output to 200-250 milliwatts. With a good matching 50-ohm ground plane antenna or multi-element Yagi antenna, this wireless Continue reading

VHF Active Antenna

A simple vhf active antenna using a single BFG65 transistor which is a low noise type. The telescopic antenna and the wide band rf amplifier combination is known as an active antenna. The antenna is a 1.6 meter telescopic dipole Continue reading

UPC1651 FM Transmitter

This fm transmitter is build with UPC1651 which is a silicon monolithic integrated circuit especially designed as a wide band amplifier covering the HF band through UHF band. UPC1651 has a high power gain: 19 dB at 500 MHz, low Continue reading