1GHZ Frequency Meter

  1GHZ Frequency Meter   This is 1GHz frequency counter with 100KHz resolution. Meter is built in around PIC16F84A microcontroller and SAB6456 / U813BS prescaller.

1.5V Tracking Transmitter

  1.5V Tracking Transmitter   With this circuit you can build a very small tracking transmitter that can be tracked using a FM broadcast band radio receiver. The transmitter can be powered from any 1.5V volt battery or power supply. Continue reading

1.5V FM Broadcast Transmitter

  1.5V FM Broadcast Transmitter   The objective of this 1.5V FM Broadcast Transmitter design is to provide a simple low-power transmitter solution for broadcasting audio from various audio sources. This transmitter accepts stereo input via two 470K resistors. Since Continue reading

0.1 – 3.5GHz Prescaler

  0.1 – 3.5GHz Prescaler   This handy prescaler divides input frequency by 1000. It takes maximum input frequency of 3.5GHz and converts it into 3.5MHz that may be measured using standard frequency meter.