Serial LCD Controller

  Serial LCD Controller   Serial LCD/VFD Controller is a HD44870 based LCD/VFD controller via RS-232. The control command is compatible with Matrix-Orbital’s LCD module. So, you can use any MO friendly software to control this baby such as LCDC.

RCD Programmer

  RCD Programmer   I believe that the “JDM Programmer” is cheap and very useful PIC Programmer. However, since “JDM Programmer” cannot control VDD, the algorithm “VPP before VDD” is inapplicable. Programming to the latest device from this reason may Continue reading

Pony Programmer

  Pony Programmer   PonyProg is a serial device programmer software with a user friendly GUI framework available for Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Intel Linux. Its purpose is reading and writing every serial device. At the moment it supports I²C Bus, Microwire, Continue reading

PIC18F2550 Project Board

  PIC18F2550 Project Board   The new PIC18F2550 Project Board was designed as the development platform for student projects. The board features MCU: PIC18F2550 with external xtal, ADC: one channel 0-2.5V sigma-delta converter, Linear Technology LTC2400/LTC2420, 6-channal 10-bit ADC 0-5V, Continue reading