IC pinouts

Please Note. All parts are viewed from above unless stated. Linear IC’s   Op-Amp’s   CMOS IC’s Infra Red Module, IR1 available from Harrison Electronics More pinouts available soon.

Reading Schematics

Reading Schematic Diagrams This page was created in response to all the email I receive, on how to read a schematic. Learning to read a schematic diagram, is similar to map reading. You need to know which wires connect to Continue reading

Schematic Symbols

The diagram below shows passive components, resistors, capacitors and inductors, and also electrical components such as switches, relays, motors and lamps. Also shown are the symbols for wires that are not joined ( no physical electrical connection ) and wires Continue reading

Switch and Relay Wiring

For anyone who has ever had problems wiring relays or switch contacts then this guide may help. Switches Switches are pretty straight forward to wire, but problems may arise with multi-pole multi-way switches. Switch contacts are always drawn in the Continue reading

From Schematic To Veroboard

Description: How to construct a circuit on veroboard by reading the schematic. If you’re an experienced constructor, then you will just look at the schematic and start assembly. Experience tells you where to place components and use veroboard space to Continue reading