Bouncless Switch with NE555

Bouncless Switch with NE555 Circuit Schematic Application IC 555 Timer intended for tranquil Timer circuit. Output pin 3 pluse 0.1s. Control by energy S1. Volt supply pin 8 = 12Volt

Water Softener with NE555

With the intention of Water Softener Circuit is based next to a practice to remove otherwise neutralize the brackish appearing in hose, and shield the pipes next to native soil having the status of well as the washing apparatus before Continue reading

Wide Frequency Range 555 VCO

The 555 frequency can be varied via adjusting the voltage at pin 5. However, the range and linearity of frequency adjustment is very limited. This is a way to greatly improve performance using the inverted 555 timer circuit that was Continue reading

Step Alarm Circuit

This Circuit can monitor the door steps or Staircase. When a person crosses the steps, the alarm sounds indicating the entry. The circuit is too sensitive and operates in day light. The circuit uses an NPN Darlington phototransistor L14F1. It Continue reading