Automatic Transmission Wiring Diagram For 1960-1964 Studebaker Large Trucks

This will be the automatic transmission wiring diagram for the 1960-1964 Studebaker Large Trucks. The large trucks from Studebaker is the ones with weigh of 1, 1½, and 2 tons trucks. This wiring schematic is going to be about the automatic transmission wiring system of the large Studebaker Trucks. Some of the components will be shown inside are including: neutral safety switch, starter circuit, transmission kick down circuit, ignition switch, kick down solenoid, kick down switch, etc. (Click image to enlarge)

 automatic transmission wiring diagram for 1960 1964 studebaker large trucks e1343747689500 Automatic Transmission Wiring Diagram For 1960 1964 Studebaker Large Trucks

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