ATX Power Supply PIN OUT Connector

CPU power supply units (PSU) cede the power to the PC hardware via a numeral of cables with connectors. The generic specifications in support of various PSU form factors intended for get through with desktop systems are defined arrived Intel’s design guides, which are periodically revised. The hottest standard is Design conductor rev.1.2 released on February 2008. This detail combines the supplies representing ATX12V and its five variations.

Main Power Connector ATX Power Supply

For SMPS PSU surgical treatment basics envisage power supply tutorial.
Standard ATX-type power food for desktop PCs typically gain the key power connector and other 12V connectors, like well as peripheral, floppy drive, run ATA, and PCI Express® receptacles.
To support 75W PCI Express® necessities, arrived the contemporary ATX systems the old 20-pin major connector has been replaced by a 24-pin connector. Accordingly, distinct ATX-shape smps possibly will application different total of power supply wires: see the diagram in favor of pinouts of the old and new power connectors. The flag in this chart characterize recommended ensign of the wires wearing the PSU cables. The flag are publicized at this time absolutely for reference (you won’t investigate them from the front). The diagrams contemplate the front (pin-border) see. You need to look from the back of the connector to see the decorated wires. key connector uses Molex Housing Mini-Fit Jr. P/N# 39-01-2240 or else equivalent (old part quantity 5557-24R), contacts: Molex 44476-1112 or else equivalent, mating motherboard connector is Molex 44206-0007. The old 20-pin ATX connector was Molex 39-01-2200 otherwise equivalent, mating motherboard part was Molex 39-29-9202. Under some conditions new-fangled PSU can still ensue used in the field of an old PC and vise versa- distinguish our handbook on linking 20-pin PSU to 24-pin motherboard. 
To start up a halt by yourself PSU on behalf of hard purposes, you need to curt PS_ON pin to lone of the unexceptional pins. Under natural surgery, PS_ON is activated as soon as you press and statement the mainframe power button while it is fashionable maintain mode. 
All voltages are referenced to the same common (if you need to assess in the least voltage, associate the return be the forerunner of your voltmeter to any of the COM pins).
Memorandum to Apple’s Power Macs, basin (flanked by 1996 and 2000) and particular HP models habit proprietary (non-standard) motherboards with entirely changed pinouts.
The rated current of the core Molex connector is 6A for every pin. Which revenue with the old 20-pin comfort you can’t grasp added than 18A from 3.3V and 24A from 5V. with the intention of’s why inwards premature 2000’s, particular motherboards with 3.3V >18A and 5V >24A (principally dual CPU AMD systems) used an assisting 6-pin power cable. It was disinterested from ATX12V spec v2.0 in 2003 as especially pins were added to the highest connector. in place of added in sequence on form factors set eyes on our workstation PSU leader and schematics. 
SATA Power COnnector circuit
While the industry began using voltage law modules (VRM) running rancid 12V2 to energize CPU and other motherboard components, the bulk of the wattage shifted to 12 volt means of transportation. as a rule of at present’s motherboards supply their CPU with a separate 12 volt cable, which has 4 pins pro ATX smartness (from time to time called P4) before 8 or additional pins for EPS and non-standard climax-power systems. a quantity of PSUs may possibly gain three before four 12 volt 4-pin connectors. The part total for standard 4-pin connector is Molex 39-01-2040 before equivalent.
4-pin peripheral power connector progress to CD drives, fans, and other lesser campaign. The floppy drive connector such as the forename implies powers the floppy drive. 
Record to facilitate pin information and wire numbers clothed in run Power ATA (SATA) connector are not 1:1. at hand are three pins in support of all voltage. solitary pin from each voltage is used for pre-charge in the backplane. Mating ongoing plug of ATA campaign contains both signify and power segments.
About units could in addition arrange an elective 2×3 connector to facilitate can be situated used on behalf of additional functions, such since fan monitoring and control, IEEE-1394 power source, and a remote sensation of 3.3 vs.. 
PSU larger than 450W designed for extreme-bottom discrete graphics cards normally have further 2×3 before 2×4 connectors. They supply especially power to graphics to require extra than 75 watts whole. 
The 6-pin PCI Express® power connector is Molex part digit 0455590002.

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