220vAC Operated Remote Tester

220vAC Operated Remote Tester

Circuit Description

Here is a simple tester for checking the basic operations of an
infrared remote control unit. It is low-cost and easy to construct. The
tester is built around infrared receiver module TSOP1738. Operation of
the remote control is acknowledged by a tone from the buzzer. The
circuit is sensitive and has a range of approximately five meters. The
integrated IR receiver detects, amplifies and demodulates IR signals
from the remote control unit. The piezo buzzer connected at its output
sounds to indicate the presence of signal from the remote control unit.

Circuit Diagram:

220vAC Operated Remote Tester Circuit


  • R1 = 100R-1/2W
  • R2 = 47K
  • R3 = 47K
  • R4 = 100R-1/2W
  • C1 = 0.47uF-275V
  • C2 = 470uF-35V
  • C3 = 10uF-25V
  • D1 = 1N4007
  • D2 = 1N4007
  • D3 = TL431
  • B1 = Piezo Buzzer
  • IR1 = TSOP1738

Circuit Operation:

As shown in diagram output pin 3 of IR receiver module TSOP1738 (IR1)
normally remains high and the B1 is in silent mode. When the IR
receives an infrared signal, its output goes low and, as a result, the
B1 sounds to indicate the reception of signal from the remote (such as
TV remote control unit). Assemble the circuit on a general-purpose PCB
and enclose in a cabinet. Make sure that the IR receiver module is
placed on the front panel of the cabinet so that it can receive the IR
signals easily. Before soldering/connecting the shunt regulator and IR
module, refer for the pin configuration.

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