12v to 24v converter

12v to 24v dc converter 300x155 12v to 24v converterIs often you need to install some equipment in a car that works with the 24 volt source. May not be a problem for buses or trucks which have the power to work with two batteries in series. But the cars have only one battery, so it becomes necessary to raise the voltage electronically.

This 12v to 24v dc converter circuit operates by controlling an oscillator which triggers a power transistor controlled by a Zener diode. In this way is achieved with good efficiency stabilize the output voltage.

The maximum current capacity of the 12v to 24v dc dc converter is 1 amp for continuous operation.

The coil must be wound on a ferrite core in the form of 1 and consists of 100 turns of wire 1mm section.

As can be seen by simple deduction, for other voltages sufficient to change the Zener diode to another value.

To avoid interference with the vehicle’s audio system the circuit must be mount in a metal box wired to ground.

Power supply :
V max : 12 V DC
I Max : 1A

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