Hacks and Mods: LED Light Box

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For beginners, it is their first project that gives them a boost. And in order to get that, it is always necessary to make sure that the project that you select is really useful. One such project is the RGB light fader. This is quite simple and can be done easily by a beginner. Read […]

LED Clock Using PIC (Microcontroller)

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Now you can always know the exact time. With this design you can have an atomic clock in your room. Isn’t that great? Read on to know more. First of all, it is not about any radioactive elements here. This is about building a clock display that can get the time from the DCFF77 facilities […]

Hacks and Mods: Bluetooth Keyboard Controls Dancing Hexapod

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Presently, production of robots of different types and functions are rapidly created to help people make their life easier. We can even imagine how the world would look like on the next decade to come. That is – robots do most of the work that people used to do. Most of the bots in the […]

Hacks and Mods: Hacking Car Wipers for Easy Control

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How do you want to have your wipers become more intelligent? In this way, they could remember how frequent you need to use them. But of course, this will need the help of an ATmega8L microcontroller. When you need to activate the wiper, you just press the button and it will run in one course. […]

Hacks and Mods: Incredibly Illuminated Persistence of Vision LED Clock

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Persistence of Vision flashes LEDs during sure moments as it spins, to illustrate formulating a clock above. The PCB blades have been spun around regulating a pc cooling air blower to create this POV clock. The existence outcome is interjection to bright LEDs that have been synchronized with a Hall Effect sensor. The house gets […]

Track Your Distance Through a Bicycle Odometer

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Just like cars that measures the distance it can travel, you can also do it with your bicycles. We usually keep track of our mileage to see how far our strength can go but would it be of great use if we track it because we are maintaining a workout everyday considering the calories we […]

Temperature-Controlled Switch

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It sounds rather mysterious: a switch that is controlled by its ambient temperature. All without the touch of a human hand, except for when you’re building this sort of electronic thermostat. There are a lot of handy uses for a thermally controlled switch. If the temperature inside your PC gets too high sometimes, the circuit […]

Stepper Motor Generator Diagram

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Stepper motors are a subject that keeps recurring. This little circuit changes a clock signal (from a square wave generator) into signals with a 90-degree phase difference, which are required to drive the stepper motor windings. The price we pay for the simplicity is that the frequency is reduced by a factor of four. This […]

Rolling Shutter Motor Control

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An electrically operated rolling shutter usually has a standard control panel with a three-position switch: up, down and stop. If you would like to automate the opening and closing with a time controlled switch, a few additional wires will have to be connected. Typically, the controls are implemented as indicated in the schematic ‘Normal Situation’. […]

Hand Clap Electronic Control

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We have all seen the commercial on TV ………. CLAP – ON – CLAP – OFF – THE – CLAPPER ………… well here is a circuit that will perform that same function. Circuit operation is as follows. A single hand clap will be picked up by the electric mic which is coupled through C1 into […]